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Custom Countdowns & MySpace Layouts

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fashion Statement

So it seems like the closer I get to the Ironman, the less I wear my "real" clothes and the more time I spend in my old race t-shirts, sweats & Ugg boots (or Birkenstocks). I've pretty much convinced myself that comfy is more important to me these days than nice clothes, & besides, I'm just going to be working out again within the next few hours, so what's the point anyway?

Most of the time I don't really care a whole lot about this, but every now & then I look in my closet with something akin to regret as I gaze wistfully at all my "real" clothes that I just quite honestly don't have the time to wear anymore.

Well, for all of you who have had the misfortune of hanging out with me for the last year or so as I have descended into my slovenly, non-fashion pit, I wanted to let you know that I really still do know how to dress up like a grown-up who does anything other than exercise all the time. I still remember how to put on makeup, jewelry & normal shoes & on occasion, even go around without the classic goggle eyes I seem to be sporting most of the time these days. So check it out ---> Went to the Oaks on Friday & actually got to play dress up for a few hours. My hair was clean & didn't smell like chlorine, I had a nice new pedicure that wasn't chipped from the pool water & the salon lady even got rid of all the blister remnants from running the Mini. I wore undergarments under my clothes (as opposed to what I usually don't wear under my bike & running shorts) & didn't even have to put chamois butter or body glide on any part of my body. It was actually pretty nice for a change, but as soon as it was over, this newer, cleaner version of me was gone & I'm back to t-shirts, comfy shoes & eau de chlorine! Maybe the more fashionable version of me will make another appearance after Labor Day.


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I loooove Polyvore. It's like paper dolls for adults (although there are a fair share of kids on Polyvore). Right now I can't get enough coral. I love pairing it with gray for office casual, and with beige/linen for anytime.