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Custom Countdowns & MySpace Layouts

Sunday, December 14, 2008


In preparation for the 2009 Ironmen - I was reviewing this past seasons' log (just to remind myself of what's in store). This is a summary of the past years' numbers...

Month's trained - 12
Total Hours - 723
Bike Miles - 4,924
Run Miles - 963
Swim Miles - 172
Centuries - 16

Some more numbers...

According to calculations, all that biking, running & swimming added up to approximately 288,177 calories burned. Now, assuming that I maintained my pre-training caloric intak
e, I would have lost about 82 pounds with all that training. However, I only lost 15 pounds:( That only accounts for 52,500 calories. Therefore, somehow, I ate an extra 235,677 calories over the course of the last year. Hmmmmm...that's an extra 645 calories per day. Since I needed about 2000 calories per day to maintain my weight with moderate exercise, I guess I must have eaten around 2700 calories per day during my training....I'm apparently not working hard enough since Michael Phelps gets to eat 8,000...

If you're wondering how a girl eats all those calories...I ate about 35 40oz jars
of Jif Smooth peanut butter - that counted for 230,533 calories. I think I single handedly kept the peanut farmers in business last year. All those jars of peanut butter cost about $260. Also, with all that peanut butter I ate about 1,200 mini whole-wheat bagels for a whopping 120,000 calories. If I'm starting to look round, with a whole in the middle - you know why. I also used about 500 lemons for my hot tea that I had several times a day & went through about 1000 bags of Earl Grey Tea.
I'm hoping to add maybe another food group to my menu this year - we'll see...Actually, I did have one other food group that I ate last year - GU - I think it's kind of like the athlete's version of Spam. Nobody really knows what's in it but it somehow gets the job done. I have absolutely no idea how my GU's I ate but if you assume I ate nothing but peanut butter, bagels, & GU - I would have eaten about 6,400 of them. I'm pretty sure that I didn't eat that many, so somehow, I must have squeezed something else in...I just don't remember what it was.

Anyway, enough of my random musings about calories, miles & food....I think I'll go eat some more peanut butter with bagels.

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